Victoria Beckham, as we all know, got her start as Posh Spice, the unsmiling, cold-staring, always serious, but always chic ice queen. (Of course, all of the Spice Girls were often tongue-in-cheek about their personas.) Not that we didn’t love her then, but it’s been refreshing to see her crack a smile and a good joke every once and a while. She recently told the Guardian, “Contrary to rumour, sometimes I can be quite a laugh.” It’s true. The successful fashion designer and style icon has been especially hilarious of late.

Perhaps having four kids and a clothing line has somehow mellowed her (or at least inspired her to drop the act)? In an interview published on today, Beckham dished about her latest design collaboration with Range Rover, of all companies, on a rose gold-plated SUV. She describes the car’s inspiration, herself: “I think that people will look at the car, and they’ll obviously see Range Rover, but they’ll also see me. It looks like me…It’s very me. It’s very, very me.” But that’s not really the funny part. When asked if she’d ever parked illegally, her response was, “I don’t do anything illegal. I’m a law-abiding citizen, I’ll have you know.” She then tells a hilarious story about the time she drove her kid to school but neglected to put said kid in the car.

Her sense of humor is starting to come through more and more–and not only in interviews. A few days ago, she played a tiny little prank on a plane that actually pissed some people off. Usually, though, her sense of humor just makes people (us) love her a little more each time she lets some of it out, often on Twitter. So, click through for the best examples of how she’s gradually ditched her posh ice queen persona and transformed into regular jokester–and done it all with truckloads (Range Rover loads?) of style.

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