Earlier this week, we revealed American Apparel’s latest campaign. The retailer, known for courting controversy with their provocative ads, surprised everyone by casting an “advanced” model, Jacky O’Shaughnessy, as the face of their “advanced basics” line. Like all of American Apparel’s models, Jacky is gorgeous. Unlike most of the young hipster twenty-something nearly-nudes that tend to grace AA’s billboards, Jacky has long grey hair. And she’ll be 61 in December, she just told us.

Jacky’s ads for American Apparel have already garnered a lot of buzz since they broke on Monday. So we got in touch with her to find out just how this whole campaign came about, if she had any qualms about the shoot (in one ad she’s wearing nothing but a leotard and tights from the waist down with her legs spread–but as we said before, this is American Apparel and we kinda like that they’re an equal opportunity crotch shot-taker), and how she’s responding to the inevitable criticism. Read on, this is one awesome lady.

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