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Our ads deliver. Whether you have a strong, static message or an interactive ad with rich media, we’re ready to get your campaign up in front of the right eyes. IAB‘s standard ad units are a good place to start.

IAB Ad Units

Unit Dimensions (in pixels) Load Expansion Loops/Animation
Leaderboard 728×90 40k initial | 100k polite Down to 728×360 5x / 90 secs
Box 300×250 40k initial | 100k polite Down/left to 600×500 5x / 90 secs
Newsletter Skyscraper 160×600 40k initial | No stream None 5x / 90 secs
Interrupter 560×200 40k initial | 100k polite Down to 560×400 5x / 90 secs
Big Box 300×600 40k initial | 100k polite Left to 600×600 5x / 90 secs

Take a look at our dimension grid to see the size of each unit.

For custom ad solutions such as skins and webvertorials, please send your creative assets to advertising@breakingmedia.com. Our in-house team of designers will ensure your campaign achieves maximum wow-factor.

Production Specs

All Creatives

  • All units should target new windows on click.
  • CPU use should not exceed 30% after initial creative load.
  • For publisher-served campaigns, the max serve is two creatives per placement.

Rich Media

  • We work with all rich media vendors and third-party servers, including Pointroll, Eyewonder, EyeBlaster, Atlas, etc.
  • Please send JavaScript tags for all vendors.
  • Flash
    • For publisher-served Flash, add the following ActionScript to the button action in the
      Flash file: getURL(_root.clickTag, "_blank");
    • Submit backup images of 40k or less for each .swf


  • Expansion

    • User-initiated on click/mouseover only
    • The expanded panel must retract in the same manner it was opened.
  • Audio

    • User initiated on click only
    • Requires prominent stop/mute button
  • Video

    • Automatic start is allowed.
    • Any audio must be muted by default.
    • Video player requires prominent stop/close button.
    • Max frame rate of 20 FPS
    • Max initial load of 40k, video stream up to 1MB
  • Sponsored Post
    (If you opt to write your own:)

    • 160×120 image (as JPG)
    • headline: 5–10 words
    • front-page copy: 35 words max
    • inside-page copy: unlimited
    • click thru URL
    • any additional content for inside page post: images, video, etc.

    (If you opt to have our in-house writer craft something for you:)

    • click thru URL
    • static image: any size
    • press release or any notes as a guide
    • any additional content for inside page post: images, video, etc.


  • any necessary logos (as Illustor .AI or .EPS files)
  • layered key art (as Photoshop .PSD)
  • layered files of ad units (as Photoshop .PSD)
  • fonts (Mac format)
  • other sample ads (print or other) for additional design reference
  • style guide, if available
  • any additional high-res imagery

In addition, please feel free to include a 1×1 tracking piel and click URL to track activity for all custom creatives

Dimension Grid


Rollover to expand downward to 728×360.
Appears at top of every page.


Rollover to expand left to 600×500.
Appears in right-hand sidebar, above or below the fold.


Rollover to expand down to 560×400.
Appears in main blogflow after fourth post.

Big Box

Rollover to expand left to 600×600.
Appears in right-hand sidebar.


Appears in email newsletter.
No expansion