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It's scary how happy I am about not washing my face.

Last Friday, an argument erupted in the Fashionista office between me and my typically gregarious coworkers. The topic? Face washing–or, more specifically, my total lack of doing so.

The following is a paraphrase of the events that occurred that evening.

Tyler: Wait… you don’t wash your face?!
Me: Correct.
Tyler: That’s so bad for you! You’re going to get wrinkles! Wait… not even your eye makeup?!
Me: Nope.
Tyler: Ugh no Nora noooooo!

It’s true. I don’t wash my face, like, ever. And my face seems to be totally fine with that. At 26, I can say in all honesty that I’ve never experienced a major breakout in my life. Blackheads rarely afflict me, and pores aren’t something that ever cross my mind. I might get a rogue pimple here and there, but doesn’t everyone?

It’s not that I haven’t wanted to do the whole twice-daily rinse thing. As a pre-teen, I subscribed to every teen magazine in existence. CosmoGirl, Teen, Teen People, Seventeen, and YM collectively taught me that having an oily T-zone was the absolute worst thing ever–and that the solution to 8th grade awkwardness relied on my faithfulness to brands like Clean & Clear, Clearasil, and/or Neutrogena.

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With her crop tops getting more and more cropped and her hot pants getting more and more… hot (yeah, no), it was nearly inevitable that we’d see Miley Cyrus completely naked. After all, the Maxim Hot 100 list-topper has shown time and time again that she’s totally OK with revealing her butt crack. Turning around for the cameras was just the next step.

Alas, this time it’s for a good cause: Cyrus has stripped down for Marc Jacobs’s “Protect the Skin You’re In” campaign. Her naked bod will appear on $35 t-shirts available today at select Marc Jacobs and Marc by Marc stores across the US. Proceeds benefit the NYU Cancer Institute and NYU Langone Medical Center.

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Photo: Inez & Vinoodh for V

After years of flouncing around (and falling down) in provocative getups and impossibly giant platforms, has Lady Gaga finally run out of shocking outfits? Sure seems that way–the pop star is totally, completely, like no-buts-about-it-but-also-all-butts-about-it naked (besides a rather unfortunate hairpiece from the Amanda Bynes Wig Collection) in the upcoming issue of V Magazine.

Photographed by Inez & Vinoodh, who released a sneak peek on their blog this weekend, the shoot is a spread in more senses than one–and also a feat in Photoshop wizardry. We’ve all seen Gaga’s nipples before, escaping from dresses and suffocating beneath electrical tape–but curiously, it’s only when she’s stark naked they seem to pull a vanishing act. More perplexing, still, is the discovery that Lady Gaga has no visible labia–or any discernible genitalia, for that matter, in the photo. Hmm… That’s not cool V Photoshoppers: Every girl deserves a vagina–even Lady Gaga.

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Hip hop artists having been throwing names of fashion brands and designers into their lyrics since we can remember. And the rule has generally been: the more expensive and luxurious, the better. Which explains the fact that the brands mentioned most frequently in rap lyrics are, according to Rap Genius: Gucci, Prada, Versace, and Louis Vuitton.

More recently, though, rappers with a genuine interest in and knowledge of fashion like Kanye West and A$AP Rocky have come to the forefront, rapping about lesser known, more contemporary or fashion-forward brands like Alexander Wang and Martin Margiela.

Of course the widely-known brands are still being talked about. Drake’s song “Versace” does feature the hook:

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Photo: GQ

I love Kate Upton. Scratch that. I love Kate Upton’s breasts. And no, I’m not a straight man, a lesbian, or a crying infant in search of my next meal (you’re shocked, right?). But really: Loving Kate Upton’s breasts has helped me love my own.

It’s not often a model comes along who actually makes you feel better about yourself–trust me, I’ve worked out with the Victoria’s Secret Angels on more than one occasion. On a purely physical basis, interacting with those lithe, small breasted women with matching tiny nipples is a recipe for BDD for anyone with the slightest lack of self confidence.

Granted, there’s nothing about my own body that should actually warrant complaint. As a 5’4″, 20-something white person with a baby face and double Ds, I haven’t faced the type of discrimination you hear about on a daily basis in the news. But everyone has her insecurities, and the fashion industry has a special way of heightening them. What I once regarded as one (two?) of my most prized physical assets often feels like my biggest burden in this fashion world.

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Sooo we weren’t really that serious when we wrote about Anna Wintour having had a hand in Kimye’s controversial baby name, North West.

But maybe there was more truth to that story than we thought.

Yesterday evening, published what felt like a pretty un-Vogue op-ed defending the much-maligned name. “A Girl Named North? Why Kim Kardashian and Kanye West‘s Baby Name Isn’t That Unusual” was written by Dalton Conley, an NYU professor and author of the book Parentology. Conley is also known for naming his children E, a girl and Yo Xing Heyno Augustus Eisner Alexander Weiser Knuckles, a boy (those are both first names by the way).

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Photo: iStock

If you’re currently hunting for the right college and are set on a career in fashion, the options can be overwhelming. To help you on your way, Fashionista has ranked the 50 best fashion schools in the world. (Click here for the full list.)

While fashion design might be the most popular freshman-year major documented here, we’ve included more than design schools. In particular, colleges and universities that offer stellar fashion business, marketing, styling, and technology programs. Because, after all, there a ton of great fashion careers that have very little to do with actual design.

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Nowadays the face behind any given product, be that a blog, magazine or designer label, is just as important as the product itself–if not more so.

“Consumers today are buying into a lot more than just a commodity,” said Marc Beckman, co-founder of Designers Management Agency which reps Proenza Schouler, Andre Leon Talley and Nicola Formichetti.

Consider Anna Wintour or Karl Lagerfeld–their personal brands are inextricably connected to those of the companies they work for. When people buy a Chanel lego bag, they’re buying into Lagerfeld’s kooky, high-fashion lifestyle almost as much as the brand itself.

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Ever wonder how Leonardo DiCaprio manages to lure in so many supermodels (besides, you know, just being really rich and famous and handsome)? Now, we know. He lunges at them.

While DiCaprio’s exes Gisele Bundchen, Bar Rafaeli, and Erin Heatherton were unable to resist the allure of Leo’s lunging, Cara Delevingne is somehow immune, according to a report in Page Six.

As the two of them partied at Cannes, DiCaprio was apparently relentless in pursuit of the model-of-the-moment, who is 18 years his junior. A source told the Post that he “kept hitting on her,” and “even lunged at her at one point, and she dodged him.”

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