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Everyone stop. Jessica Alba has switched up her stylists.

Successful styling and denim-designing duo Emily Current and Meritt Elliott have confirmed to us that they are currently Alba’s stylists. And as any It’s a Brad Brad World fan knows, Alba’s styling duties used to go to Brad Goreski. We thought we noticed fewer pops-of-color in her wardrobe…

Seriously though, we’d heard rumors that Alba had decamped to Current and Elliott a few months ago, and were fairly surprised, as Goreski seemed to have upped Alba’s fashion game considerably. Under his care, she went from one of those pretty celebs whose clothes we never really notice to a best dressed list regular whose outfits both on and off the red carpet made us supes jealous. Plus, she did a lot for Goreski by becoming his first big celebrity client after he left Rachel Zoe to start his own business.

Of course, Alba still looks great, if a bit more refined and elegant (hello, strapless Dior!), since hiring Current and Elliott.

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Greg Palm doesn’t have time for them, nor does the NY Fed for employees trying perform the job they were hired for, alleges a lawsuit filed today.

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These days, getting a Biglaw job is the golden ticket you need in order to make law school pay off. Thousands of students are paying grossly inflated tuition rates, and a Biglaw salary is one of the only ways those students can reasonably pay back their massive loans.

The problem, of course, is that Biglaw jobs are generally awful. They’re not giving you that money for free. A starting salary of $160,000 right out of law school sounds like a great deal, until you realize that $160,000 is just the going market rate for your eternal soul.

So let’s talk about why you would leave Biglaw. Don’t worry, I know many of you won’t leave, at least not now. But if you can, here are ten reasons why you should….

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Video of a Tesla luxury electric car burning after an apparent battery problem went crazy time all over the internet and major news organizations across the US yesterday. But while a battery malfunction at the darling of the electric car industry would be news worthy, what if it was a hoax designed to profit from short-selling Tesla stock, which plummeted in the wake of the incident? Importantly, the company reportedly said in a statement that the fire was caused when the driver struck road debris which triggered the battery fire.

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Photo: Terry Richardson

It’s a pop star rite of passage: the first nude (or semi-nude) photoshoot and the inevitable backlash that follows. Madonna has done it, Britney Spears has done it, and now, it’s Miley Cyrus‘s turn.

The 20-year-old singer was featured bare-chested–and getting handsy with herself–on Terry Richardson’s blog yesterday, and while the shoot is relatively tame by the photographer’s standards, it’s the most we’ve ever seen of Miley. Richardson also directed the video for her new single “Wrecking Ball,” which has over 180 million views on YouTube, but is criticized for its sexual nature. (If you haven’t watched, Cyrus is totally naked and licking things.)

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Sun Tzu said: Whoever is first in the field and awaits the coming of the enemy will be fresh for the fight; whoever is second in the field and has to hasten to battle will arrive exhausted.

WASHINGTON: Because China believes it is much weaker than the United States, they are more likely to launch a massive preemptive strike in a crisis. Here’s the other bad news: The current US concept for high-tech warfare, known as Air-Sea Battle, might escalate the conflict even further towards a “limited” nuclear war, says one of the top American experts on the Chinese military.

[This is one in an occasional series on the crucial strategic relationship and the military capabilities of the US, its allies and China.]

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…which would explain why they recorded the incident and then uploaded the whole thing to the internet.

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Have you been meaning to read Don’t Go To Law School (Unless) by Professor Paul Campos (affiliate link), but prefer consuming your information via infographic? Well, you’re in luck. Connecticut attorney Samuel Browning, with permission from Campos, has created an epic flowchart taking you through the argument of the book from reasons not to go to law school, to tips for reading law school employment statistics.

The whole thing is epic.

Kudos to Browning for putting in all this effort…

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A regulatory framework that penalizes carbon dioxide emissions would improve nuclear’s competitiveness in the US, but greater policy clarity may be required for new nuclear investments to replace shuttered facilities like San Onofre and Yankee.

Nuclear is not without its detractors, which have a laundry list of concerns, ranging from potential for terrorist attacks to safe waste disposal. And recent media commentary has been rife with stories about the end of US nuclear being nigh, often citing the the difficulty of competing with cheap natural gas in electricity generation.

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U.S. Army Set to Ban Certain Tattoos

In a culture where even soccer moms now sport tattoos and soccer-themed “tramp stamps” (click the links for some examples), the Army’s recent decision to ban all visible tattoos has prompted a “WTF?” heard round the world.

Just watch the video above.

But there’s method to the Army’s madness. This is just one small step in the service’s campaign to raise standards and discipline after it opened the floodgates to felons, high school dropouts, and other dubious recruits when it boosted its ranks at the height of the Iraq war.

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