Images of a nearly nude Karlie Kloss shot by Mario Testino from Allure‘s October 2011 issue have started making the internet rounds. While the photos aren’t raunchy in the least, they’re still somewhat controversial given Karlie is only 19-years-old, and is often thought of (and referred to) as a “teen model.” The people over at Fashion Copious seem pretty outraged, saying, “No agent/agency should [any longer] allow their girls to be shot by Testino.”

Many Fashion Spot commenters also took issue with the shoot. Ivyinthemood said, “I don’t really like that she is naked…,” while commenter Vanity Fair said “omg, I feel that this is such [sic].. inappropriate.” Lifeispeachy seemed to sum up the general consensus, saying “it’s still so weird to see her like that.”

We have to say, we, too, were pretty surprised to see Kloss in such an overtly sexual, partially nude shoot.

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