Breaking Media was named for our belief that business news, insight and analysis are still important and that sustainable companies delivering that information are not just a thing of the past. But we believe that success in the business news category is going to look very different in the future than it did in the past. That’s why we operate differently to most other media organizations in two critical ways.

Firstly, although we value thoughtful, original content, we are built to deliver that content cost-efficiently. There are no large, unwieldy corporate structures or expensive distribution platforms here. We focus on letting talented journalists who are experts in their fields connect directly with vertical business communities and deliver content for those communities based on what they tell us they want and value. We emphasize the social aspects of our communities—not because it’s trendy but because our audiences have told us they value connecting with their professional peers. We certainly link to others’ content because we believe that filtering the most important information from the morass of stuff out there is a valuable service, but we also deliver original, entertaining, useful and thought-provoking content.

Secondly, we try to build deeper and better relationships with the marketers who work with us. Some digital media businesses are built on the premise that enough pageviews will somehow yield a sustainable business model. At Breaking Media we believe that delivering results for the companies who want to engage and sell to our audiences is the key to running a successful business. That might mean an ad campaign, and we’ve shown that we can deliver impressive results via our many advertising options. But we also offer a host of other services including sponsorship, social network integration, events, speaking, research, crowdsourcing, and custom websites, blogs and other content. In fact, we’ll try to help marketers do whatever they need to do as cost-efficiently as possible—and if we can’t, we’ll recommend someone who can. (We have an unrivaled network of connections in the marketing and media fields.)

Today our network is composed of six brands:

  • Above the Law, the leading site about the legal profession
  • Dealbreaker, the popular and outspoken Wall Street tabloid
  • Fashionista, the leading digital source for news and insights on the fashion industry
  • Breaking Defense, the idea hub of the defense world
  • Breaking Energy, the source for news and analysis of the fast-moving energy industry, and
  • Breaking Gov, analysis, discussion, and debate about the innovative ideas at work in the public sector today

We also run this site,, not only as a corporate site but as a place where we offer up some thoughts on the fast-moving media landscape. But we’re interested in applying our model to other markets too, and we’re open for ideas on what those markets should be. So if you have an idea how we could improve our existing products, or a burning desire to create a new site designed for a particular business community, we’re all ears.