Ben in somewhat-more clothed times. Photo: Vision Los Angeles

Ever wonder how those Abercrombie & Fitch models manage to look so constantly cool and relaxed while tossing around a football in their skivvies? Turns out achieving that relaxed look can get pretty stressful: One A&F model is accusing his modeling agent of forcing him to play with something else–and let’s just say, it didn’t involve pigskin. (Yes, we’re talking about masturbation here.)

Here’s what (allegedly!) went down: According to TMZ, model Benjamine Bowers was just a lowly salesperson in his local Abercrombie store when an A&F casting director realized he might have talents beyond folding polos. He referred Bowers to modeling agent Brian Hilburn, who then flew him out to Jackson, Mississippi for a photo shoot.

What happened next (again, allegedly) is the stuff of the Model Alliance‘s nightmares.

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