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Earlier this month Skinny Gossip, a site which bills itself as “pro-skinny” (read: pro-ana) wrote a pretty hate-filled post detailing all the ways in which Kate Upton is fat. Yes, you read that right. Kate Upton, the inescapable supermodel, man magnet, and fashion’s latest it-girl is, according to the site, too fat (which is even a kinder version of the vitriol spewed by The Skinny which called Upton a “squishy brick”).

Obviously this is sad on so many levels. Upton is clearly gorgeous–Jezebel points out that she is “basically the epitome of curvy, blonde beauty,” that she “ticks every box”–and she is a welcome variation to the size 0 model that has become the norm, though we don’t know that we’d necessarily call her plus size. Over at BuzzFeed Amy Odell also stood up for Upton, writing, “[H]aters can go on hating, but any model that doesn’t fit into a the runways’ preferred insanely skinny — yet muscley! — mold is more than alright by me.”

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