In addition to some exciting editorial changes at Fashionista, we’re thrilled to formally introduce Fashionista CoLabFashionista’s own in-house native advertising studio that will align premium advertisers with engaging, creative content on Fashionista. Nina Frazier Hansen, Fashionista’s creative director since April 2014, will oversee and manage native advertising campaigns run through the CoLab.

In conjunction with CoLab, on Jan. 7, Fashionista will launch its own premium private advertising exchange. Fashionista‘s goal is to meet the advertising needs of premium fashion, beauty, retail and luxury brands by accessing Fashionista‘s unique desktop, tablet and mobile audiences.

For the past four years, Fashionista‘s ad sales have been represented by Say Media as part of a network of consumer brands. With the growth of Fashionista over that period, Fashionista is now best positioned to deliver unique banner and native advertising solutions. Though separated on the ad side, Fashionista will remain on Say Media’s CMS platform, Tempest.

We’re more committed than ever to bring you the industry news that matters most, and the site’s voice, vision and coverage of the fashion industry will remain the same. We want to align both our native and banner advertising with the brands that matter most to our readers, with content of value like this recent gift guide produced in collaboration with The Woolmark Company, and a city guide series produced in partnership with Uniqlo to celebrate the opening of three new flagship locations in Boston, Chicago and Seattle.

Here’s to a new year! Have questions or interest in advertising on Fashionista? Email for more info.

Thousands of content marketers don’t care even a bit there’s a three-day holiday weekend quickly approaching. Ok, maybe a little…but once they grill out, attend a county fair and enjoy the last hurrah of summer, their excitement will turn to Content Marketing World (#CMWorld), which kicks off next week in my backyard, Cleveland, Ohio.

This will be my third year attending (note to Joe Pulizzi, I would definitely outlay some cash for a #CMWorld Alumni t-shirt). I consider CMWorld my own personal back-to-school phenomenon. I always come away with pages and pages and more pages of notes and ideas and actionable initiatives.

The conference combines content marketing’s leading minds and practitioners with hours of learning, idea exchange, insights, best practices and inside secrets.

It’s a refresher and a reminder of why I do what I do professionally…and why I love it. It helps me make new connections…between audiences, channels, strategies, disciplines…as well as people. The conference experience is greatly enhanced when you chat up the person sitting next to you or you run into at the book table (where I’m guaranteed to walk away with at least 2-3 new reads).

I always go into the conference open-minded, ready to learn and excited to share what I’ve been working on. This year isn’t any different.

Though, since I jumped off the traditional agency track and joined publishing side of the business, the following are all that more top of mind for me:

  • Audience mapping and engagement
  • Advanced digital strategies
  • Marketing automation integration
  • Data

This year, I will be most focused on data. Being a master of data…and being able to discern what data really matters…is at the center of a modern marketer’s value to their clients and employer.

Data has introduced science where previously (at least most commonly) only art existed. And there is a danger of the industry swinging too far to the data side (a poor attempt at a Star Wars reference there).

I think we’re still in the early stages, but the tipping point is quickly approaching. It will be interesting to hear a myriad of opinions, real-life examples and best practices at Content Marketing World.

All I can say is bring on the head spinning! My laptop, handshake, freshly printed business cards and I are ready. I hope to see you next week in Cleveland.

If you’re not able to join in person, or you’ll be in NYC for INBOUND, you can follow all the content marketing action at #CMWorld. I’ll in turn be following #INBOUND.

Kate heads up content marketing. Connect with her @kateeidam, or if you’d like to chat about content marketing, drop her a note at

Digiday published “Who’s winning at business news on the web” which details traffic, demographics, and ad rates of the five biggest business sites (in ascending order): The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg Business, Forbes, Business Insider, and Yahoo Finance. Business Insider made the largest jump, growing 80% traffic in one year to 40.8 million unique visitors per month. I’m in awe. And a little concerned. If BI were to grow another 80% this year, they would reach 73.44 million unique visitors per month.  Are there that many “insiders” in business?

Let’s look at the demographics and make one very broad – and non controversial – assumption: B2B marketers want senior-level buyers with a minimum $100K household income. None of the Top 5 business sites has a majority of readers over that threshold. BI’s audience had the lowest percentage at 37.4%. This means that 62.6%, or 25.5 million BI readers, fall outside of the sought-after B2B audience demographic.

$100K+ HHI Percent Site

Breaking Media runs independent brands exclusively focused in seven industry verticals. Our growth targets are tied to market penetration, not total uniques. The result is a smaller audience, but one that closely aligns with the community it serves.  Dealbreaker, Breaking Media’s financial site, is for investment bankers and hedge fund managers. Therefore the 73% of the audience is over $100K. In fact, 38% of the audience have a HHI over $250K.

We believe this niche media strategy best serves our advertisers.

Hsiaolei (pronounced “Chalet”) develops business and can be reached here.

breaking_media_logo1New York (April2015)Breaking Media—the leading digital-first B2B media company in law, finance, energy, defense, government, healthcare and fashion—today announced the successful completion of a $1.5 million fundraising.  The round was 100 percent subscribed by selected new outside investors and existing shareholders with deep experience in both digital media and principal investing.

A privately held media company, Breaking Media produces must-read websites, events, newsletters, research and mobile products for industry insiders. The funds raised will be used to accelerate growth in its current verticals and to target new verticals for future expansion.

“As capital is being infused into digital media brands, we’re thankful to have investors who believe in our vision, and an audience who keeps coming back for more,” said John Lerner CEO, Breaking Media. “This funding will help us accelerate our growth and look to expand into new verticals to remain the leading destination for industry insiders who want not only to be informed but entertained.  We will also develop new and inventive methods of connecting our communities and advertising partners in ways that are mutually beneficial.”

By building deep vertical communities, Breaking Media is able to penetrate the markets it serves and to offer its advertiser partners a highly engaged, influential and targeted audience. Traffic to Breaking Media’s sites has increased to over 5 million unique visitors since it launched in 2006, and is poised for continued growth and profitability this year.

This is the latest in a series of strategic growth efforts from the publisher, who earlier this year acquired MedCity Media to break into the growing healthcare market. In 2013, the company purchased Breaking Defense, Breaking Energy and Breaking Gov from AOL.

About Breaking Media

Breaking Media runs a network of next-generation business-to-business media brands targeting influential professionals: Above the Law, Dealbreaker, Fashionista, MedCity News, Breaking Defense, Breaking Energy and Breaking Gov. Because of its authentic, inside-the-industry content, Breaking Media reaches over 5 million affluent, decision-making professionals per month and connects brands with this deeply targeted, engaged and influential audience through innovative content integration, custom research products, event marketing and more.  Headquartered in Manhattan, the company was founded in 2006.


breaking_media_logo1New York (January 23, 2015)Breaking Media, the leading digital-first B2B media company in law, finance, energy, defense, government and fashion, is pleased to announce the acquisition of MedCity Media, a digital publisher that covers the business of health care and life sciences innovation through its website The acquisition advances Breaking Media’s successful business model of developing must-read websites, events, research and mobile products for industry insiders.

Integrating healthcare into its popular suite of targeted verticals, Breaking Media will operate MedCity as a stand-alone unit based out of its current Cleveland headquarters. MedCity CEO and co-founder Chris Seper joins Breaking Media as VP, Healthcare, a new position at the company.  Breaking Media will immediately begin producing MedCity projects including three widely-regarded events in the healthcare industry: the Mid-America Healthcare Venture Forum, ENGAGE and CONVERGE.

“The business of healthcare is in a constant state of transformation.  MedCityNews has its fingers on the pulse of the innovation in this market more than anyone,” said John Lerner, CEO of Breaking Media.  “We were attracted by entrepreneurial spirit that Chris and his team bring to this market.  They have created a community where disparate players in the healthcare space can come together and discuss innovation, both online and through their face-to-face events.  We are committed to further invest in the brand under Chris’s leadership.”

“Breaking Media is an elite digital media brand and today’s acquisition is a win both for the company and for healthcare,” added Seper. “Under the Breaking Media umbrella, MedCity can delve deeper, allowing healthcare innovators to touch an even broader array of alpha influencers, and share new approaches to medical breakthroughs and healthcare innovation. The publisher’s track record of success with websites, events, research and custom marketing solutions will allow MedCity to accelerate growth in 2015 and beyond.”

This is the second major acquisition for Breaking Media, having purchased Breaking Defense, Breaking Energy and Breaking Gov from AOL last year.  Breaking Media will migrate MedCityNews—and eventually all of its sites—to a new publishing platform providing a more robust experience for readers and advertisers.

About Breaking Media

Breaking Media runs a network of next-generation business-to-business media brands targeting influential professionals: Above the Law, Dealbreaker, Fashionista, Breaking Defense, Breaking Energy and Breaking Gov. Because of its authentic, inside-the-industry content, Breaking Media reaches over 5 million affluent, decision-making professionals per month and connects brands with this deeply targeted, engaged and influential audience through innovative content integration, custom research products, event marketing and more.  Headquartered in Manhattan, the company was founded in 2006.

About MedCity Media

MedCity Media is the leading online news source for the business of innovation in healthcare, now responsible for healthcare within Breaking Media. It offers insight onto what’s next and what matters with a mix of breaking news and analysis on startups and established industry leaders, personalities, policies and the most important deals. Along with the website,, MedCity produces three must-attend events in the healthcare industry, The Mid-America Healthcare Venture Forum, ENGAGE and CONVERGE.

breaking_media_logoBreaking Media — the leading online B2B media company and publisher of Dealbreaker, Above the Law, Fashionista, Breaking Defense, Breaking Energy, and Above the Law Redline — announces new staff promotions to leverage its editorial talent across all of its brands.

Elie Mystal (editor Above the Law/Above the Law Redline) is being promoted to Breaking Media Editor-at-Large and Managing Editor of ATL Redline. As Editor-at-Large, Mystal will be responsible for bringing Above the Law’s legal expertise to other Breaking Media brands through weekly columns, and will also work with advertisers and sponsors to create content solutions for their promotional needs. As Managing Editor for Redline, Mystal will continue to bring legal news, insights, and entertainment to non-lawyers across a variety of subjects leveraging Gawker Media’s Kinja platform. Mystal has been with Above the Law since 2008, and will maintain a weekly column there focusing on legal education.

Staci Zaretsky and Joe Patrice (assistant editors of Above the Law) have been promoted to Editors of the brand. Zaretsky has been with the company since 2010, while Patrice joined in 2012. Both editors will continue to focus on the breaking news, industry analysis, and entertaining stories that have made Above the Law one of the most widely read legal publications in the country.

We are also pleased to announce that Nina Frazier Hansen (Creative Director of Fashionista) has assumed the role of Creative Director for Breaking Media. She will continue to work with Fashionista as well as the entire Breaking Media portfolio to enhance the user experience in all of our verticals.

Breaking Media believes that these moves will allow the company to bring new and quality content to all of our readers and fans. Congratulations to Elie, Staci, Joe, and Nina.

— John Lerner, CEO, Breaking Media

A Most Appealing Announcement

If you’re like me, you’ve been reading Howard Bashman’s excellent appellate litigation blog, How Appealing, for years. When I started to write online more than a decade ago, Howard, a pioneer of legal blogging, was a role model and inspiration. (I pay homage to Howard Bashman and How Appealing with shout-outs in my forthcoming novel.)

Given our longtime admiration of Howard Bashman and How Appealing here at Above the Law, we are absolutely delighted to announce this partnership: effective October 1, 2014, How Appealing will be hosted at You can read Howard’s announcement of the affiliation here.

For those of you who love How Appealing and Above the Law as they are, there’s nothing to fear. Howard Bashman will continue to run the web’s top blog devoted to appellate litigation, and we will continue to cover the legal profession here at ATL in our inimitable style. We will display headlines of recent How Appealing posts on ATL, and How Appealing will display headlines of recent ATL posts. The primary change resulting from this partnership will be felt by advertisers, who will now enjoy a broader range of options within the Breaking Media family. If you are interested in advertising on How Appealing, Above the Law, or both, please contact

Given How Appealing’s record of excellence dating back to 2002, we couldn’t be happier with this partnership. We look forward to working with Howard Bashman and How Appealing in the years ahead.

Announcing the new location of “How Appealing” [How Appealing]

David Lat is Managing Editor of Above the Law, a Breaking Media site.

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Welcome to the New Fashionista

As you might have noticed, we’ve had a little work done.

Well, more than a little work. In fact, our whole site is different: we’ve got a new site format, a new logo, a new spot color (bye bye, baby pink!), bigger images and a whole new set of site fonts.

Fashionista has evolved a great deal since its founding six years ago, and developing a design that would reflect those changes — and the changes in online media consumption that have occurred in that timeframe — was a fun and challenging project.

We think of ourselves as an industry publication with consumer appeal — a site that is a must-read for the industry, but also speaks to the people who want to work in the industry or are highly interested in it. Thus, we wanted the site and logo to convey “fashion,” “news” (hence the bold upper case font), “industry” and “webby” (thus the use of blue as our spot color, instead of fashion magazines’ typical pink or red). We also like to think of ourselves as personable, that we don’t take ourselves (or the industry we cover) too seriously. That, we hope, comes out in the headlines and the writing itself.

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What Is ATL Redline?

Now that we’ve been doing it for a couple of days, we thought we’d tell you what we’re doing.

ATL Redline is a new project for Breaking Media that will represent Above the Law’s presence on Kinja, Gawker Media’s popular publishing platform. Above the Law has established itself as the go-to place for lawyers and law students who want an inside look at the practice of law and the lives of attorneys. With Redline, we’re going to draw on that knowledge to highlight the law behind today’s news for a broader audience. Whether it’s the latest celebrity scandal or the next outrageous campaign speech, there’s usually a law or lawyer somewhere influencing what is happening. Redline will cut out the jargon, so you won’t need a law degree to have an informed opinion and participate in the debate.

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US special operators are notoriously low-profile “silent professionals.” But lately the Internet’s been abuzz over Special Operations Command’s effort to build a high-tech suit of bulletproof armor – TALOS, the Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit – that the normally understated chief of SOCOM, Adm. William McRaven, actually compared to the metal-clad superhero Iron Man.

Read more on Breaking Defense.